Let’s take a minute to break the ice shall we?  I know there’s plenty to get your teeth into around the site and of course I appreciate your visit, so allow me to give you a bit of background of how and why this website exists….
Beauty and makeup are passions of mine.  It is not my only passion by any means but it provides an artistic outlet for me while giving me the chance to live out the dreams of any childhood princess while meeting all sorts of new and interesting people while taking on exciting challenges. 
The art of makeup and beauty can come in many forms and have an equal amount of reasons ‘why’; commercial work, photo shoots, weddings, proms.  Since my involvement in the industry I have been lucky enough to work on all of these in many different rolls.  Are any two the same?  Absolutely not!  I have spent my time on filming sets making sure people look the part to advertise a product.  Need to sell Danepak bacon?  I’ve been the person making sure the smiley happy family look as natural as possible on TV.
The passion for my makeup and beauty work comes from within, from a desire to put my flair and enjoyment for the work into my career.  I have learned the trade and put in the hours to ensure that I tailor the natural side of my work with the best practice in the industry.  It was at the London School of Makeup where I became a qualified makeup artist and learned not just the skills but the industry.
I have been told that I am naturally able to integrate into teams, make myself part of the furniture if you will.  It is an essential skills in the industry as you often find yourself working on different projects not just in the week but sometimes in the day.  That has allowed me to be a part of the Laure Geller team at House of Fraser on Oxford Street as well as going solo for making people look their best on photo shoots, wedding proms.  I’ve found myself on hand armed with lipstick, mascara and at all hours of the day to lend a hand when the main attraction needs some touching up.  If this wasn’t what I loved there are plenty of times I could have ducked out!
I base myself out of Leighton Buzzard – it’s home to me and where I have my own salon, Touchwood Beauty.  You can see all of the treatments available on the BEAUTY section.  The salon is something I take great pride in having worked to not only build a site and customer base but to build the things you can’t see every day, the intangibles; a reputation, the hours of sweat and tears that have gone in to researching best practices, even finding out which coffee goes down best with those that visit!  I take pride in the fact that customers come back to me whether it be for the range, the quality or the natter we can have while we catch up.  We make it all as personal as we can!
I mentioned earlier about my other passions.  It takes people by surprise that I am involved in the boxing industry and was once the youngest boxing Promoter in the world.  My brother came and took that title from me, but still I take pride in what I have achieved in the sport.  I’ve been part of some big shows and continue to balance the beauty and the boxing, not two backgrounds that typically go hand in hand but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  And yes, I have helped cover up post fight black eyes in the past!

That gives you a little bit about my experience and background.  By all means do get in contact, there is probably plenty I have forgotten to mention – we can always do it over a cup of coffee and a catch up!